Monday, October 15

Current Employment Goes (Pale) Green!

The guys were going to join in the Blog Action Day festivities by writing a big post on qui-tam actions under the Federal Claims Act and their viability as stop-gaps in environmental protection. Then the Saints won last night and now all I've got is this list of resources for environmental whistleblowers, which they think is still realy responsible:

Workplace Fairness Env. Whistleblower FAQ
Bush Administration Ruling Throws Cold Water on Environmental Whistleblowers
Government Whistleblower Pages:
- EPA (scroll down)

Finally, a website we HIGHLY reccommend: Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (or, PEER to their buddies). This group is a service organization that, among other things, lets public employees speak out with the benefit of anonymity. To see why such an organization is needed, go to the "campaigns" section and take your pick.

We'll be back tomorrow with less socially-conscious posts. Maybe we'll focus on union busting or ESOPs or something.