Sunday, October 28

Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

We here at Current Employment are constantly making strides in our ultimate goal of turning our blog into a freshman high school girl's Myspace page. To that end, here are some online quizzes on how well you know your employment law:

Atlanta-based Ford & Harrison has a slick-looking quiz here to get you started.

Here's one on that plays like a midterm - if your law school had midterms.

Baker & McKenzie supplied the information for this NLRA-based quiz, though the website it's on isn't exactly screaiming "multi-billion dollar law firm" or anything.

Think you've got employment law down? None of this a challenge? Try this quiz at XpertHR, a UK human resources site, or this one brought to you by Blackadders Solicitors.

Who's on top now, huh, fancypants?

Any more we missed, feel free to link to in the comments.