Wednesday, October 10


We all remember the opening….the late great Rod Roddy, in his sequence suits (I want to know where I can get one of those things) would yell out a contestants name…..”Joe Blow, c’mon down, you’re the next contestant on The Price is Right”….and like mad the contestant would run front and center to “contestants row” to play crazy games for huge prizes.

Of course the man overseeing all of this action is one of the greatest actors of all time - Bob Barker. (That’s right I said actors. And Bob Barker. Ever seen Happy Gilmore? The price is wrong, B***H.) For millions of us, staying home sick from school meant we got to watch The Price Is Right. No matter what ailed you, TPIR always made you feel better, and if you are like I am, you genuinely liked Bob Barker, almost like a grandpa.

Deborah Curling, however, is not like you and me. She is a former employee of the Price is Right who recently filed a lawsuit against Bob Barker and other producers claiming, among other things, that she was sexually harassed over an extended period of time.

Curling claims that because she testified on behalf of another employee who was suing TPIR, that Barker and the other producers sexually harassed her and created a hostile work environment. This is not the first time the 83 year Barker has been sued. There have been several former employees, many of them the models that display the products and prizes, that have sued Barker, alleging sexual harassment. Many of those cases were settled out of court. Curling cited those cases in her complaint.

We here at Current Employment take this kind of thing very seriously, and will continue to follow the developments in this case. At time of press, CBS had no comment regarding the lawsuit.

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