Friday, November 9

Cardinals being sued for posting STD message

Although this has nothing to do with labor and/or employment I am a big sports fan and just found this interesting.

As many people know, you can, for a fee have a message posted on scoreboard at your favorite teams home stadium. While seeing your name on the same scoreboard as A-Rod, Ichiro, Manny would a major thrill (especially for this writer) for one unlucky fan it has led to a major league size headace.

A 17 year old girl is claiming that the St. Louis Cardinals allowed a message to appear on the scoreboard that falsely implicated the girl had a STD. The 17 year old girl was on a high school field trip when, alledgley, another student text messaged the Cardinals scoreboard operators. The message she texted was, "(A.B.) has an STD! Eww!".

The suit claims that the Cardinals posted the message without regard for the truth of the statement (defamation?????)

The suit seeks damages in excess of $25, 000.