Sunday, December 30

CE's Official 2007 Lazy-Ass Best-of-Best-of!!

It's that inevitable time of year in fake journalism land where everybody decides to rank the stuff that happened in the past 12 months, and employment reports are (sadly? thankfully?) not immune.

The thing is, the CE staff is in this beautiful space between the end of finals and the beginning of BarBri (PMBR notwithstanding) that we presume will be our last respite before bar exams, babies, and long 1st-year associate hours, so we're not exactly poring over our posts.

I will attempt some kind of roundup between now and 1/1/8, but in the meantime, Current Employment would like to present it's list of:

Yeah, that's right. We've taken all the very best very best lists and put them in order, given them numbers with dots and a closed parenth, and added some witty commentary. You say lazy, I say resourceful.

So, without further ado, let's get started:

5. 13 Most Overrated Careers [U.S. News]
- What is it with USN? Why do they have to rank everything? Jerks. Anyway, the publication we love to hate has come up with its difinitive list of the 13 crappiest jobs. Adding to my neuroses that the World Report hates me personally, it includes not only my chosen profession (attorney) but those of my wife (advertising executive) and both our mothers (teacher) as well. Surely each profession will release a statement about how it's tightening its admissions policies in an effort to improve.

4. AARP's Best Employers 2007 [AARP]
- Ok. It's the American Association of Retired Persons. Remember? Personally, the best list AARP could come up with would be the best reasons to stay home and make way for the new kids, but such is life. And such are the boomers. With their ridiculous standards and work ethic, sticking it out to get those kids through college, or going to work at the Gap or something, it's good that the AARP is telling them where to go. Now if only someone could tell them who to vote for...

For #'s 3-1, click the jump.

3. The Sound Opinions 2007 Mixtapes [Sound Opinions - NPR]
- Hey, not everying can be about employment law, ok? Live a little.

2. Worst Employees of 2007 [CNN]
- One lady who left a little girl in a day care (not funny at all) and Amy Jacobson, the Chicago reporter who lost her job after hanging out with the Stebic guy (ditto). Combined with a horrifying graphic, this is a little questionable. The guy with the obvious pot business is pretty funny, though. Plus, where's the 10 worst employers? Let's be fair, huh?

1. Stupidest Footnotes of 2007 []
- Michelle Leder at pores through SEC filings to find executive perks that don't make the corporate press release. Last year, she ranked them at the end of the year, and it was awesome. This year, she's democratized the process, polling readers on what the biggest boneheaded corporate concession was in '07. Leading the way by far? Qwest's contract with its CEO included use of the corporate jet to get his high school daughter to and from school. For real. Nothing on any list could possibly top that.

There you have it. The best of the Best Of's. We'll have a little something for you OCD-laden rank-obsessed attorneys before 1/1, I promise. For now, though, I'm off to write another letter to U.S. News.