Tuesday, December 18

What Day is It? October?

So, we've all been a little busy. Ok, well maybe you haven't, but we have. Thankfully, the CE staff (who take a remarkable amount of overlapping classes) will all be done with finals by the end of the day. The bad news is, we maybe missed some things, as yesterday's post proves. So, as editor I'm making it my responsibility to clean up the clutter.

To that end, I am hereby declaring the second-to-last week of December

Current Employment Ketchup Catchup Week!

Obviously, if something big comes down the pike, we'll cover it, but for the rest of the week, we'll be devoting the majority of our blog space to some of the stories we missed the past few weeks (months, whatever).

So if you have any suggestions on stories we should have covered (or any other ways we could've legitimized ourselves and didn't) feel free to shoot me an email. Unless it's about benefits, in which case, tell Chad. Or sports or entertainment - that's Aaron.