Tuesday, January 15

Wal Mart Settles Supreme Court Case

A couple of months ago, Wal Mart Assistant General Counsel Miguel Rivera made it clear via a memo to its outside counsel that the legal profession was anything but safe from its policy of exporting efficiency on its suppliers. (They put a moratorium on across-the-board rate hikes, citing skyrocketing associate salaries. Really.)

Well, now it seems the Supreme Court is no exception; the retail giant settled an ADA lawsuit yesterday that would have given the Court the chance to answer a long-pondered question - whether the ADA requires employers to place disabled employees in available positions or simply allow them to participate in the application process. The Court dismissed the case, and the question remains unanswered.

To me, it's just more proof that, for all its benefits, efficiency (economic or judicial) can still leave you so unsatisfied.