Sunday, January 13

Well, You DID Teach Them How to Sue

It probably comes as no suprise that there are a few of us on the Current Employment staff that fancy ourselves trendspotters (Chad). The majority of the time, this self-assumption is patently wrong (once again). But since 1/1/08, there has been a pretty clear line of stories that can no longer be ignored, and so CE is ready to announce its official First L&E Trend of 2008:

It is, apparently, super-cool to sue your boss if your boss is a lawyer.

Now, obviously, law firm employment suits are not a new thing. Just ask Sullivan & Cromwell or Sidley & Austin. But since '08 started, it seems like I can't turn on the CE-puter without finding out somebody's suing some huge law firm for being intolerant or demanding or petty. Isn't there some kind of "par for the course" defense? Well, whatever. There should be.

Of course, just because these are law firm employees doesn't make these suits any different - they're just your run of the mill little guy/big company/ secret videotape/pedophilia/intervening foreign government/written on notebook paper type employment suits.

Since that's a lot of material to cover in one post (and we're in BarBri and this provides pre-determined content for the week) we're declaring this week "Well, You Taught Them How to Sue" week at Current Employment. Every day (maybe more) we're going to focus on a law firm law suit that we've run across since the beginning of the year. If you have any suggestions, feel free to pass them along.