Friday, April 11

Wal-Mart Video Scandal!

Paris Hilton. Pamela Anderson. That Girl from "the Hills".

Wal Mart should've known better.

Rule #1 of being a media-obcessed diva is you have to be wary when you burn your entourage.

The WSJ ran a front pager (via the ABA Journal), reporting that film studio Flagler Productions is charging admission to whomever feels like viewing its stock of internal Mart meetings as a means of staying afloat after Wal Mart cut their contract with the editing house.

From the ABA article:

One video shows Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton telling the board of directors in the 1980s that too few women were in management. Another shows Chief Executive Officer H. Lee Scott Jr. discussing sexual harassment cases in 1999, the Wall Street Journal reports. ABC News has posted the Walton video clip along with one of a Wal-Mart lawyer calling unions “blood-sucking parasites.”

Also, there's tons of video of the execs dressed in drag. Seriously. You think lead counsel in the myriad discrimination cases Wal Mart is fielding are interested?

I'm sure you're asking why Wal Mart would let them do this, since they would have to have signed some type of contract restricting internal meeting video's usage.

Company founder Mike Flagler maintains Wal-Mart has no rights to the videos because it did not sign a contract restricting their use.

Nice work. Somebody in the counsel's office is getting the boot on that one.
Flagler's co-owner Mary Lyn Villaneuva says Wal-Mart has offered to buy the video library for $500,000. Six figs? When every lawyer in the country is going to pay to watch these things? I think Kim Kardashian ponied up more than that.

Here's the link to the video from ABC News. Let me warn you - it is not for the faint of heart.