Tuesday, July 8

YouTube, Brute?

Regardless of where you think their loyalty lies in the user privacy debate, it's hard to deny that YouTube is awesome.

That's why, I assume, NY law firm Cohen & Grigsby thought it would be so awesome to put their immigration seminar on the super-popular site. Though, I doubt they thought it would be quite as super-popular as it became (yes, that does say 300,000 views and 2 video responses - eat your heart out, breakdancing cat.) CNN's Lou Dobbs? Not a fan.

Why the attention? The video apparently instructs employers on how to make it look like they searched for qualified American workers before applying for work visas for foreign employees.

Well, the Department of Labor noticed all the media attention. And they're not happy. From the ABA Journal:

[A]fter auditing the law firm's filed permanent labor certification applications, beginning last year, the DOL announced today that it is placing the firm's pending applications into department-supervised recruitment over concerns identified by the audits.

Probably not what they had in mind. In law school they told us to really watch what we put on facebook, because law firms would see it. Apparently that is also true for the firms themselves. But with the government. Then the government has to worry about regular people reading what they accidentally put on there.

The circle of life.