Thursday, January 24

No New Posts? Tim is "Busy"

Hello, everyone. We just wanted to let you know there may not be a post for a while - anyone who has read Tim's profile (or talked to him for 30 seconds) knows his wife, Katie is pregnant.

Well, she was.

At 9:05AM on January 23, Leo Ryan Eavenson was born, and Katie and the baby are both doing well. Tim is, of course, using the excuse to hang out and not do any real work or studying for the bar exam, part of that laziness being that he will not be posting to Current Employment until everyone is home and well and no longer useful as a justifiable excuse.

In the meantime, here are some interesting stories on the state of law firm employment.

Enjoy, and we'll try to get Tim off his butt long enough to post some pics asap.