Wednesday, February 6

Pulling Back the Curtain for Some Congratulations...

We try very hard around here to maintain some journalistic distance, so as to fool some of you into thinking we're a viable source of news, but January has proven to be a pretty full month, and some personal acknowledgements are in order.

First, I just wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts and very kind words these past couple of weeks as my family got one baby bigger. My wife, Katie, did give birth to a baby boy on January 23. Both Katie and our new son, Leo are doing very well. He was born on his due date, which is a good sign, we thnk. Also, because he came on time, his 37th birthday will be 1/23/45, which is pretty awesome.

Leo partied a little too hard on the way out and is spending some time in the NICU at Northwestern's Prentice Women's Hospital recovering (read: flirting with the nurses). We owe them a lot of thanks, and this is my most public outlet, so I'm using the blog to thank our doctor and everyone at NW for all their hardwork and patience with us as new parents.

Also, the CE staff has become significantly more credentialled, as all 3 of our current, active contributors graduated from John Marshall on 1/27. Aaron Janik, Chad DeGroot and I all received JDs and Chad was crazy enough to get his LL.M in Employee Benefits at the same frigging time. Congratulations to everyone - just one test and we can start living the dream...

Once again, thanks for letting me toot my horn. Regular CE operations (which, let's be honest, is almost an oxymoron) will resume soon (like tomorrow) with some even bigger changes coming down the pike, so keep a lookout. In the meantime, feel free to add your own congratulations to Chad or Aaron or myself (or Barack Obama or anyone, really) in the comments if you want to.