Friday, March 21

And We're Back!

Ok, folks. I know you're mad that we disappeared for so long, and you were all convinced that CE was just another random blog that didn't make it past the 6 month mark.

Boy were you wrong.

The bar is over (for the first time, at least), and the CE editorial staff is all graduated-up and everything. Tim had his baby. Well, Tim's wife. You know what I mean. So, it's back to the business of blogging. (I know, I know, we've talked about alliteration...)

Now, as always, we're not making any promises about frequency, but if you notice a lag in between posts, just know it's for a very good reason. In fact, be prepared for your fledgling, little employment law outpost to start taking its first steps towards manhood (no offense, ladies) in the coming weeks. Besides, if you're solely relying on this blog for your daily entertainment or news, then you can't be too worried about staying on top of things in the first place.

So, things may disappear, new things may start showing up, just keep your eyes open, and look for invitations to our coming out party in the mail.

Anyway, say hi to the boys when you see them. Nobody calls me anymore...